Our Story

Nosis started as a dream.  A dream that would one day completely change the way we manage and track our investments. This is our story…

about us

The Problem

Nosis was the brainchild of a retail investor – Nathan Fowler (CEO). He struggled to keep track of various investments and assets as they were all scattered across the internet. With some being physical it made it hard for him to stay on track of it all.

The Solution

He needed something to help him navigate the spreadsheets and online portals. Something that could combine all of those legacy systems into one easy-to-manage solution. Thus the idea of Nosis was born.

About us
Nosis journey | About us

The Journey

Nosis had to now make the journey from a metaphysical concept to a functional product that would not just better the life of the creator but that of thousands of fund managers and investors across the world.

Nosis slowly started to take form and over the span of two years transformed into the slick product you now know and love today.

The Final Result

Today, Nosis is an industry-leading financial management product that combines the latest technology, software and even AI into one easy-to-use tool. Helping you track all your digital and physical assets on one simple dashboard.

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Meet the team

Nathan Fowler | Profile Pic

Nathan Fowler

Chief Executive Officer

Nathan is a sales-minded serial entrepreneur with
a track record of success in e-commerce, tech and bricks and mortar, with over 10 years investing experience in traditional and alternative asset classes.

Dmytro Tanets | profile pic


Head Designer

Alice | Profile pic


QA Engineer

Max Bondarenko | Profile pic



Konstantin | Profile pic


Blockchain Engineer

Umesh Goonasekera | profile pic


Operations Manager

Vitaly | profile pic


Senior Full Stack Engineer

Rudi Doubell | profile pic


Head of Marketing

Danil | Profile pic


Full Stack Engineer

Anton | profile pic


DevOps &


Artem | profile pic


Full Stack Engineer

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