Frequently Asked Questions


Nosis is the ultimate FREE investment tracking tool, that let’s you track everything you own in one place. Visualise your crypto, stocks or real estate portfolio like never before. Try it out!

Nosis is 100% safe and secure. All user data is encrypted and GDPR compliant.

Yes, you can! Nosis allows you to visualise as many of your wallets as you want by simply adding the wallet address. 

Yep, you can add any custom asset you like to Nosis and you can even determine appreciation/depreciation rates!

Nosis Fund

Nosis Fund is our primary investor management tool that helps you control and optimize all operations of your business in one place. Try out out our Free 30 day trial.

We have 3 product plans which consists of Free, Pro & Enterprise. Each plan comes equiped with an array of different features.

Yes, you can! Our advanced copy trading feature allows you to execute trades on behalf of your members without having to exchange custody of funds.

There are 4 main product types in Nosis – Observed, Individual, Pooled, Master portfolios and Clonefolios.

Clonefolios are individual versions of the master portfolio that are recreated based on percentages of the cash available in the Clonefolio. 

Observed portfolios are informational and represent model portfolios. Users do not have any real money invested in Observed portfolios.

Yes you can. Nosis is designed to host everything your business does, all portfolios, member batches, communications and reporting. With everything in one place fund managers only need to grant permission to the relevant products and channels to each member.

Fund managers design Master portfolios, these are either active or semi actively managed portfolios or they also may be algorithmic strategies. Master portfolios can be replicated by individual users through Clonefolios.

In order for an investors Clonefolio to follow along with the Master portfolio the investor must connect their own brokerage account to Nosis via api, this is how the non custodial part is achieved. In this way the fund manager does not actually need to hold the investors money in order to manage it.

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