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Nosis Vs Praemium: What is the difference?

If you’re in the market for software solutions that offer investment management-related financial services, you may have come across two popular options: Nosis and Praemium.

Nosis Funds Copy Trading

Nosis Funds: Copy Trading

Effortlessly execute trades on behalf of your fund members with our new Copy trading feature. Now available with the Enterprise plan.

Why choose nosis Fund?

Why Nosis?

Nosis provides a competitive edge with cutting-edge features, inspiring members to fully engage in your platform.

Nosis Security Aspects - new (1)

How secure is Nosis?

Nosis uses five layers of advanced online protection to help keep its platform secure and threat free.

Introduction to Nosis Fund

Nosis Introduction

Welcome to Nosis. Your new favorite investment management tool that saves you time & money through an array of industry leading features.

3 Types of Nosis Fund Users and How Nosis Transform Their Business

3 Types of Nosis Fund Users

Nosis offers essential tools for financial advisors to hedge fund managers, empowering you to excel in your profession.

CAGR charts on Nosis

CAGR Charts from Nosis

Access real-time insights and make informed choices using our intuitive CAGR chart tool, offering in-depth analysis and visual growth pattern representation.

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