Embeddable Widgets

Integrate the power of Nosis into your existing platforms

All features of Nosis Funds are ready to be adapted to your existing site through embeddable widgets. Take only what you need and give your users a smooth and seamless experience with plug and play interactivity. It’s as easy as copy & paste.

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Embeddable widgets

What are embeddable widgets?

Embeddable widgets allow users of Nosis to take their favorite tools and embed them directly onto their own site. We provide a handy snippet of code that can be copied and pasted just about anywhere.

How should you use embeddable widgets?

Got a feature of Nosis you’d like to show off to potential clients? Embed the Nosis widget directly to your homepage to attract potential customers. See below embeddable for example – fully interactive!

Embeddable widgets

Why should you use embeddable widgets?

Sharing capabilities 

Share what you want with the world and keep the rest for your members 


Nosis where you need it most 

Take the features of Nosis Funds you need most and place them wherever you want.



Maintain customer trust with proof of product before a purchase is even made.



Nosis Funds fits just about anywhere you need it to, with a simple setup and minimal maintenance.

Never miss another update, promotion or feature release.

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