Non-custodial portfolio replication

The first meaningful innovation to manage portfolios since the Internet

Non-Custodial Portfolio Replication allows members to take control of the managed investment relationship. Funds can typically charge much higher fees because all custody is held by the fund. 

This allows a fund to ‘skim’ the investors pool of capital without impacting investors directly. Non-Custodial Portfolio Replication circumvents this and puts the power back into your hands.

Non custodial portfolio replication

What is NCPR?

A non-custodial investment is one that is transacted by an individual or entity on behalf of the investor. 

Non-custodial portfolio replication allows you to manage an entire portfolio and duplicate an investment strategy at scale.

How should you use NCPR?

Non-custodial portfolio replication is primarily aimed at those seeking to share investment strategies at scale.

 Use it to effectively execute multiple trades for different members with only the click of a button.

Non custodial portfolio replication

Why should you use NCPR?

Clear fees 

No hidden costs, ever. Pay as you go for only what you need.

Super low cost 

Offer traditional fund management services without all the hassle 

Discretionary or non-discretionary 

Final trade decisions can be assumed by the fund manager or handed over to the end user for strategies that require the member’s final decision/approval

Give your members the full hedge fund experience

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