All asset classes

No asset is too obscure to track

Nosis can track virtually any asset, irrespective of class, denomination, material or year of release. Simply input your asset data and watch as it appears in your portfolio with a full rundown on its real time market position and daily PNL.

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All asset classes

What is it?

Nosis supports all asset classes, and that’s not hyperbole. Any asset not currently in our database can be manually added and shared with all Nosis users.

How could you use it?

With Nosis, all of your assets’ information lives in one central location, allowing you to view your diverse portfolio as a whole rather than in fragmented pieces and various platforms.

Gain holistic portfolio insights and better understand your portfolio’s position.

All asset classes | Nosis

Why should you use it?


Keep an eye on your favourite stocks and stay updated with market news 


If you can name it, we can track it. 


Oil, Gold, Uranium, oh my!


Don’t limit yourself to a single location when you can have them all.

All under one roof

Don’t give your members a reason to look outside your fund. Give them the tools they need to keep everything in one place

Never miss another update, promotion or feature release.

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