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3 Types of Nosis Fund Users

3 Types of Nosis Fund Users and How Nosis Transform Their Business

Nosis has been designed from the ground up as a tool to help a myriad of investor types keep abreast of their investment portfolios, all from within a sleek, hyper-legible, and endlessly customizable portal. Nosis encompasses a range of features hitherto unseen in the data visualization space, offering a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies for managing finances, tracking investments, and performing analysis of funds. Nosis is set to revolutionize the way you manage your investments.

Included within the Nosis suite is Nosis funds, a tool designed to help fund managers, casual investors, and organizations alike bridge the lexical gap between the asset and the asset holder. By providing an easy-to-use, intuitive interface, Nosis Funds puts the power in the users’ hands and gives a clear picture of how resources are being utilized. With Nosis funds, you can easily track fund performance, allocate assets, and monitor activity for a wide range of asset classes, digital or otherwise.

Nosis Funds Serve 3 Different Customers,

1. Newsletter Subscription Writers

Newsletter subscription writers offer a service of great importance held back only by the fallibility of being human; we simply cannot be everywhere all at once. Nosis Funds allows the Subscription Writer to focus solely on what they do best by providing subscribers with their unique niche knowledge set whilst also maintaining a timely release of impending news drops. 

This is achieved with Nosis Funds’ bevy of organizational tools, which make it simpler than ever to collate, store and disseminate current moves in the market with easy-to-read data sets. Gone are the days of endless spreadsheets and wordy, disjointed reports. With Nosis Funds, all your information is in one place.

2. Portfolio Managers / Hedge Funds

A hedge fund is generally considered to be top tier among the investor pantheon, with the barrier for entry high enough to sort the serious from the casual. As a fund manager, the expectation is of a pedigree fitting the outlay, and as such, the returns and perks for the investor need to reflect this.

A criticism lobbied at hedge funds is that the updates to investors are infrequent, data reports are less than desirable, and information regarding an asset is sparse. As an individual catering to a multitude, it can be increasingly difficult to attend to a growing client list which in turn lessens the ability to provide data reports with all the frills. This is where Nosis Funds comes in. By automating the reporting process with pre-determined data visualization sets, Nosis Funds gives you the power back to communicate effectively with your client base. Interact one-on-one, send push reports to multiple clients, and present easy-to-follow reports generated through Nosis Funds with the push of a button.

3. Financial Advisors

The relationship between the financial advisor and the client is inherently intimate, with both parties required to place a great deal of trust in each other. Problems arise when the technical know-how of the advisor doesn’t translate to the laymen investor leading to an overly complicated investment cycle for both. The person who seeks out a financial advisor is not necessarily equipped with the tools needed to venture into the wide world of investing, and there exists an understanding gap oftentimes too nebulous for the investor to bridge without a great deal of effort.

Nosis Funds remedies the need for painstaking over explanation and hand holding with the unique service of allowing the investor to link their own exchange without handing over custody of assets to the advisor. This, in turn, allows the investor to make trades on the customers’ behalf without the headache of needing to educate the investor.

Additionally, Nosis Funds provides the customer with full transparency and assurances that their finances are in good hands while also providing the advisor with first-in-class account management tools. With a higher level of security and transparency, customers can rest assured that their information and funds are safe. This service lets customers focus on their financial goals and leaves the account management to their trusted advisor.

At Nosis, we are constantly working to improve the functionality of our platform. In the coming months, we will be adding several new features, including new tools and technologies. We believe these additions will significantly improve how our platform functions and provide our users with more value.

If you have any questions about how Nosis can improve your business, please do not hesitate to contact our Sales team today. We would be happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements!

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