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Nosis Changing the Game for Fund Managers

Nosis Funds

Fund management, often known as asset management, encompasses any mechanism that preserves the worth of an organization. It may be used for both alternative and physical assets.

To profit from the cash flow possibilities, a fund manager must pay great attention to cost and risk. A financial institution’s capacity to provide credit to consumers is its lifeblood. Managing the liquidity of the funds is a critical part of the role of a fund manager.

On Nosis funds, fund managers can easily manage their portfolio, investments and investors. From a user’s perspective, they may manage their portfolio, watch how their fund manages its assets, and communicate with their fund.

Why Nosis Funds?

Unlike other fund management platforms, Nosis offers multiple functionalities for investors and fund managers to make their investing lives much more convenient.

Simplified and Integrated to one Platform

In addition to Funds, Nosis offers a portfolio management tool to assist investors in maintaining track of their assets. Fund Managers may welcome investors to their fund as observers, enabling them to examine how the fund runs before investing. This gives investors more transparency since they can monitor the fund without actually having to invest in it.

Fund managers can manage all their users and products in one place, saving effort and time.

The user interface of Nosis funds is clear and straightforward, making it simpler for fund managers and investors to utilize the platform.

Nosis Dashboard

Communication Between Fund Managers and Investors

Nosis Funds comes with a chat that allows users and fund managers to communicate with each other. This is useful to everyone in the fund as they are able to communicate directly to fund managers.

Nosis Fund Discussions

Real-Time Updates

Fund managers often provide investors with updates on a monthly or quarterly basis through a spreadsheet or PDF on a standard fund management platform, leaving many investors in the dark with limited information about what is happening with their investments.

Nosis, on the other hand, provides these updates in real time, allowing investors to maintain track of their assets with total transparency.

Nosis Fund Dashboard

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