Umesh Goonasekera

Umesh Goonasekera

A Sri Lankan content writer, loves cryptocurrency. I worked on cryptocurrency and technical analysis projects for years. I serve as the Community Manager at Nosis-Infomatix.

CAGR Charts from Nosis

CAGR charts on Nosis

What is CAGR?

CAGR is an abbreviation for “Compound Annual Growth Rate.” In essence, it is a method for measuring the growth of an investment over time, accounting for the compounding effect of interest and dividends. The CAGR formula is utilized to reduce the volatility of investment returns, making it a valuable tool for evaluating various assets. While CAGR does not forecast future returns, it can be used to determine which assets performed well in the past and which may be more likely to do well in the future. When examining the CAGR of an investment, it is essential to examine the time span chosen. In general, a shorter time term will result in a greater CAGR, whereas a longer time span will demonstrate a more stable growth rate.

CAGR from Nosis

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