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Nosis Introduction

Introduction to Nosis Fund

The sheer amount of time required to build and grow a diverse investment portfolio is enough to make newcomers wince and shy away from the prospect. Not to mention the need to learn and adapt to an evolving market you have, which is in essence, a taxing and commanding task with a high risk of tanking your social and economical standing.

Granted, some of us are born with the innate ability to read and deduce market plays, staying one step ahead of the curve. However, for most of us this is simply not the case. It can take years of slugging through bad trade after bad trade before the lessons finally sink in, and added to this is the veritable onslaught of lexical artillery fired squarely at your noggin. You may want to keep a wiki tab open at all times.

But that honeypot is sweet if reached, and Nosis can help get there with a little less frustration. Let us show you how.

First of all, what exactly is Nosis? In simple terms, Nosis is a data visualisation platform that allows investors to keep track of all their investments under one application.

  • Trackability

Utilizing first-in-class cryptocurrency monitoring tools, Nosis enables real-time updates to holdings for your viewing pleasure. Almost any digital asset is trackable through Nosis’ monitoring mechanisms giving you peace of mind when it comes to keeping abreast of the viability of your assets.

Additionally, you can quickly create alerts for any market changes you wish to be kept informed of so you can pounce on dips as they present themselves. Alerts can be set up for market movements, news, project updates as well as other pertinent indicators.

  • Disorganization

Nosis offers all users unparalleled data arrangement facilities with varying tiers of input so you can be as meticulous or casual as you’d like. Data information lives in the Watchlist tab, a fully customisable tool able to alternate between recent news, bullish news, bearish news or news on a particular niche or project.

As with other tech-related businesses, updates and news can significantly impact market direction. Staying up to speed on all of the newest regulatory changes in the field will ensure the success of your investments.

Features of Nosis V1 and V2

Nosis V1 was a fundamental proof of concept release that kept track of crypto and user-generated data.

Nosis V1

A more comprehensive release of Nosis V2 is now available at Nosis.io with the following features,

  • Ability to keep track of Crypto and Stock data using APIs.
  • Import wallet function for crypto — copy and paste the wallet’s public address, and all the assets will be imported into the portfolio.
  • Crypto-related pricing data is obtained through Coingecko and Coinmarketcap APIs.
  • Various sources such as NASDAQ are used to obtain stock-related pricing data.
  • Any physical asset owned by an investor can be added manually to the portfolio. This includes physical assets, real estate, jewelry, artwork, etc.
  • Improved UI to help users of the platform navigate easily through different tabs and windows
  • Ability to view pricing data of multiple assets in one portfolio. This includes crypto assets, NFTs and physical assets.
  • Providing facilities for fund managers to manage their funds within the platform.
  • Apart from just pricing information, access to additional information about assets is provided within the platform. For example, Nosis can provide team details, social media presence, latest news about a crypto-asset which will help investors make their decisions.
Nosis Dashboard

Where are we at, and where are we headed?

Before launching Infomatix, pricing data for physical assets were next to impossible to find. There were no APIs or data sources that provided accurate pricing for real estate, jewelry or any other physical asset used as an investment. Hence the idea for Infomatix arose. Anyone, anywhere, can request pricing data for close to any asset using the Infomatix portal. This pricing can then be used to keep track of investments.

Integration between Nosis and Infomatix is just around the corner, with initial developments of Infomatix and Nosis coming to fruition. Once this integration is completed, both platforms will function as envisioned at the outset.

Now that all the critical functionalities of Nosis are done, we will bring Nosis to the public, inviting investors to keep track of their portfolios and fund managers to try out Nosis to help manage their funds.

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